Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Blue Jays offence AWOL again as Tigers win 5-1 to earn series split

TORONTO — So far this season, victories have been very hard to come by for the Toronto Blue Jays if pitching hasn't carried the day.

That simple equation held true Monday afternoon, when an error helped lead to Shaun Marcum's undoing and forced the home side to settle for a four-game series split with the Detroit Tigers after a lacklustre 5-1 loss.

The Blue Jays (10-10) scored just 19 runs in a 2-4 homestand, during which their pitchers resembled the boy with his finger in the dyke trying to prevent a flood. The water finally broke through before a crowd of 25,287 on get-away day, before the team departed for a nine-game road trip.

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