Monday, May 19, 2008

Second body found in burned building

Fire marshals confirmed they have found another body in the debris of a devastating fire that spread through an apartment complex in North York yesterday afternoon. Officials found the body of a woman in the rubble of an apartment in the Don Mills Rd and Lawrence Ave. area, yesterday afternoon. The second victim was found today.

"There are two victims we know of so far," said Ontario fire marshal Bill Hiscott. He said there was no evidence of a third victim yet, but neighbours said that four people – a couple, an elderly woman, and a young child – were known to live in unit 76 on 50 Green Belt Dr., where the fire started Saturday afternoon.

The distraught toddler was seen by witnesses outside the building trying to rush back into the burning apartment. He was found by a neighbour and is believed to now be in police care.

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