Saturday, June 21, 2008

Alta set for major house cleaning of health administrators, says minister

CALGARY — Alberta is poised to get rid of some of its senior - and costly - health-care administrators with a major 'streamlining' of the system just weeks away, Health Minister Ron Liepert said Friday.

Liepert said he expected to make changes to the top echelons of Alberta's $13-billion per-year health system by mid-July, after the Calgary Stampede.

"I would suggest that when we're finished 'Yahooing,' you'll have seen the announcements," Liepert said as he provided a three-month update on Alberta's health-care reforms.

One month ago, Liepert announced plans to dissolve the province's nine existing regional health boards into one new super board. Those who were in charge of running those old boards have been in limbo since.

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