Saturday, June 14, 2008

New Act will decimate forest industry group says

As the clock ticks to the passage of the proposed Endangered Species Act into law, a group of forestry representatives and mayors stopped in Thunder Bay as part of a 12-stop tour of the Northwest. The Ontario Forestry Coalition claims the bill would all but kill the forest industry in the north, and leave one-industry towns decimated by job loses.

By travelling across the north the group is trying to muster a loud enough voice for Queen's Park to hear.

The group claims that the proposed Endangered Species Act would only further complicate the existing red tape in the forest industry. By moving to a permit based system through the Act, they say it would give anyone the right to challenge forest companies who cut down trees.

Subsequently the forest industry would shift from the land and into Ontario's courts. And that, Dryden Mayor Anne Krassilowsky says, would all but halt many of northern Ontario's forestry towns saying ''We're looking at more lost jobs, more lost industry.''

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