Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Vision different from reality in new graphics cards

AMD and Nvidia unveiled next-generation graphics chips today, with both claiming their uses would reach well beyond the traditional gaming audience.

AMD aimed high and fell short with its Cinema 2.0 event. It claimed its technology was responsible for a defining moment in graphics when films would extend seamlessly into interactive gaming experiences and games and their characters would achieve true photo-realism.

Video of movie industry figures including Robert Rodriguez, director of Sin City, talking about Cinema 2.0 was shown, along with the filmed opinions of gamers and top developers about when photorealism would make characters in games lose their “uncanny valley” appearance.

The estimates ranged from three to 10 years, but presenters at the Cinema 2.0 event said it was only months away with the new technology. However, a demo supposedly updating the AMD demonstration model Ruby to photorealism fell flat when she appeared in an earlier unlifelike incarnation superimposed on a photorealistic street scene.

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