Friday, July 18, 2008

Arrest of Anwar raises serious concerns: US

Washington (AP): A US official says the arrest of Malaysia's main opposition leader on sodomy allegations raises "serious questions and concerns."

Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Scot Marciel told reporters that the United States is following the case of Anwar Ibrahim closely. He says the Bush administration hopes Malaysia will "resolve the case in a way that enhances confidence in impartial rule of law" in the country.

The accusation against Anwar comes as the Malaysian government struggles to address growing dissatisfaction with the ruling coalition. That coalition suffered election losses in March to a resurgent opposition. Anwar has vowed to build on that victory and topple the government late this year.

Anwar faced an accusation of sodomy 10 years ago. He has dismissed the latest allegations as a fabrication intended to halt his rise to power.

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