Wednesday, July 16, 2008

E3: Sony to remain focused on “PlayStation family”

According to Sony, it's all about the family. The Sony hardware family, that is. In a chat with Sony Computer Entertainment Canada's Matt Levitan shortly after the Japanese company's E3 press conference in Los Angeles Tuesday afternoon, I was told that Sony is focused on delivering content not just for the headline grabbing PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable platforms, but also the aging PlayStation 2, the library of which will grow by some 130 games in 2008.

Indeed, so pumped remains Mr. Levitan about the eight-year old console that one of the first things he excitedly talked about was a new PS2 bundle that will sell for $149.99 and include a game and a movie. A good deal, if you're into old game hardware. And a key facet of Sony Computer Entertainment's business, no doubt. But it's not exactly the sort of announcement Sony's fans were dreaming about prior to E3 2008.

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