Thursday, July 24, 2008

Jay Baruchel: First Montreal, then the world

"I tattooed this leaf..."
Melora Koepke

"... onto my heart so they would know where the boy came from," and other wisdom from NDG's biggest movie star under 30, Jay Baruchel

Baruchel can be a hard man to get in touch with, if you're going through the official channels. Last year, when Just Buried, his first starring role in a Canadian movie, premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival, he didn't show up.

"TIFF is a clusterfuck and a half, and I'll probably have to go this year," Baruchel admits. "But last year, I was working, literally, in the ass end of the Hawaiian jungle, and there was no way in hell I was going to spend a year flying from Hawaii to Toronto for a couple of hours of press."

Fair enough. But contrary to what you might assume, Baruchel's reluctance to throw himself into the press pit isn't based on any kind of L.A. bullshit - quite the opposite, actually. Now that Just Buried, which also played Just For Laughs last week, is slated to open here, Baruchel is around, and quite happy to pass a couple of hours together in NDG while he waits for his pot dealer to show up. His buds Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg are flying in for Just For Laughs to promote their Pineapple Express, and to have a reunion, of sorts, after their habit-forming partnership during Knocked Up. Apparently, it's payback time, in more ways than one.

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