Saturday, August 30, 2008

City pulled off the real crime

The final shot for the Canadian National Recreation Association Gun Club's shooting range in Union Station was fired Wednesday night -- the fatal round coming from Toronto Mayor David Miller.

Bull's eye!

Are you feeling safer today with the eviction and closure of this pistol range?

Or did you even know it was there, since nothing terrible happened there in the eight decades when it was a CN-owned property and then later when it was turned over to the municipality?

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zeister said...

The closing of the two gun clubs is indicative of the abilities of Mayor Miller. He plays well for a speech, a ribbon cutting or a parade but is a total loss at controlling the urban gangs or dealing with the social conditions that spawn them. His legacy to Toronto is that the number of gangs has increased each year during his tenure as mayor (TPS) and he has the distinction of being Canada's largest slum lord (Wfive). His solution is not to deal with crime and slums but to attack legal gun owners. The result is the wrong group is being pilloried. If Torontonians can't see the difference then there is really no hope for them. It speaks volumes that a shallow demagogue like David Miller can continue to pull the wool over the eyes of so many. Emotion, scare mongering, propaganda and political agendas have replaced reason when discussing Toronto's crime issues. If this trend is not reversed then you will continue to see Toronto in a downward crime spiral. Who will Miller blame next? His family motto must be "They are responsible, not me!" on a coat of arms consisting of a Judas goat and a pointing finger.