Monday, January 26, 2009

David Beckham Sued Over Bodyguard's Pap Smack

No paparazzi-avoiding deed goes unpunished, it seems.

David Beckham has been sued by a disgruntled photographer who was roughed up last month by one of the soccer star's bodyguards after Beckham confronted the shutterbug in an attempt to get him off his famous back. (View the lawsuit.)

Emicles Da Mata claims he suffered serious injury Dec. 7 at the hands of Beckham's unnamed right-hand man, who is also named by the moniker Doe 1 as a defendant in the complaint.

Per the suit, Doe 1's "oppressive and despicable" actions included grabbing the plaintiff's camera and throwing it in a trash can, and then "violently" beating him when he got out of his car to retrieve it.

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