Sunday, January 4, 2009

Groggy, Bloggy: All You Need Is Love, Courtney Love

Okay, she may just be a media whore always trying to score some cheap train-wreckognition, but you've got to hand it Courtney Love. Because she probably couldn’t find it otherwise. But seriously now folks, nobody does MySpace blog incoherence like Court, and she's really outdone herself this time with a trademark careening screed to follow up her New Year's magnum opus.

This one is vaguely addressed to "Mario Lavinderia" [sic] (aka blogger Perez Hilton) and eventually winds around to the "point" that "Whoopi Goldberg is top 5 coolest people on the planet."

For those who prefer the audiobook/dramatic reading version of celebrity drool, Perez shared the link to "Courtney Love's latest genius retard MySpace blog" from YouTube (listen above, or compare to the historical document here). Look out, 2009, Court's still got it—and it may be contagious!

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