Saturday, February 21, 2009

British reality TV star is dying in the spotlight

LONDON (Reuters) – Jade Goody, a young British woman who won fame on a reality television show, is playing out her final days in the glare of a celebrity-obsessed nation before she dies of cancer.

Foul-mouthed, little educated and forthright in her views, Goody was unknown when she appeared on the program Big Brother in 2002 but her antics and outbursts quickly made her a fixture in tabloid newspapers and celebrity magazines.

She sold her autobiography, marketed a perfume and has been in the public eye ever since, even though her popularity sank when she made racist comments about a Bollywood actress when they appeared in a celebrity version of Big Brother in 2007.

Now 27, she is living out her last days on television and in newspapers, watched by a nation fixated by celebrities. And questions are being asked about her dignity and modern British culture.

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