Saturday, June 27, 2009

Demand soars for Michael Jackson music

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Michael Jackson's pop music legacy stretches back 40 years and could extend well into the future as music companies and retailers reissue CDs, repackage his songs and resell memorabilia after his sudden death.

In dollar terms, Jackson, who died at age 50 after going into cardiac arrest on Thursday, justified his title as the "King of Pop." He was believed to have sold 750 million records and had the No. 1 bestselling album of all time, "Thriller."

His death has sparked renewed interest in his albums and videos. Everyone from the labels that produced his albums to media outlets, retailers and street vendors selling Jackson T-shirts is set to cash in to the tune of millions of dollars.

"Michael pulled an Elvis. It's probably the best thing that happened to them this year," Wayne Rosso, a music industry consultant and publicity executive, said of various Sony Corp record labels that own Jackson's music.

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